Activity: Ali Baba Kofte Salonu
Location: Catalca
Time Spent: 1 hour
Price: ~25TL per person
Web: Foursqaure

After spending our day at the Incegiz Caves we stopped by Catalca for a filling meal here. Considering the state of the town, the restaurant is very clean and modern. Sincere waiters provide fast and friendly service. After only 10 minutes our Kofte was ready and it was remarkably well done. Some might argue that the Kofte was a bit chewy but I don't think they were so. Don't forget to order an extra side of the amazing spicy spread. I can only criticize the bill because it was a bit expensive given how cheap everything else is in town. Also, make sure you have water with you after you eat because the Kofte is salty and you will be thirsty a lot.

Personal Score: 8/10