Activity: visit Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum
Location: Downtown Seattle
Time Spent: 1 hour
Price: $29
Web: Exhibition Website

Located in central Seattle the Chihuly Glass Museum is a relatively small exhibit featuring the work of Chihuly, no surprise, throughout his entire career. By the time of this writing Chihuly is 75 years old and is still visiting his museum and refactoring his work. So don't expect anything historical when you visit, like the rest of the city this is also a new establishment. Most of the work is from Chihuly's past years but he also added new custom pieces to make the museum feel like a whole. The artwork is impressive given that it is ALL made out of glass. There is also an outdoor exhibit which resembles a garden, and you can take pretty good pictures here if you come in on a semi-cloudly day when there are no shadows. You should also attend one or two of the info sessions where a guide talks about the details of a specific exhibit, making your visit more meaningful. Given that the museum is located right next to the Space Needle and costs so much, I had high expectations when going in. But because of the small scale, and the short journey I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I would rather have spent that time at the Pop Culture museum next door. Or maybe I don't how to appreciate art as much. Still, it's a piece of Seattle and a must see.

Personal Score: 6/10