Activity: theater titled "Yaşamaya Dair"
Location: various theater halls
Time Spent: 1.5 hours screening + transportation
Price: 40TL
Web: Artist Website

Genco Erkal is an amazing actor. His words make you feel every emotion deeper than usual, and every sentence gives you goose bumps. It's like his voice has its own character. This means you should sign up for any play that features him. This is the level of expectation I had when I was driving to this event. However, because the play was a musical with all the lyrics being a compilation of Nazım Hikmet poems, the overall experience felt disjoint. It was especially hard to follow the story flow as I hadn't read all of the poems that were referenced. A deep background knowledge about Nazım Hikmet's life is also necessary to understand the story completely. (My friend whispering me the references to his life wasn't sufficient.) But the acting of Genco Erkal and the singing of Tülay Günal was spectacular. Even though I felt like the poem excerpts didn't fit together, the theme, the joy of living, was very well established.

Tickets: search on Google as the Biletix link changes frequently
Personal Score: 5/10