Activity: Inecegiz Caves
Location: Catalca
Time Spent: 6 hours
Price: 12TL per car
Web: Goverment Site

This is a good spot if you want to spend a day outside the city and closer to nature. After an hour drive, you arrive at the historical site which is just 15 minutes from Catalca city. There are two sets of caves: the caves before the paid entrance are larger and more worthwhile to see. However, after you pay and enter the picnic area you will find yourself more immersed in nature. It would be preferable to bring food for a picnic but you can also just walk around the natural forest surrounding the caves and take some amazing pictures. The biggest downside is that the entire site is full of leftover trash and not even the toilets are usable. Please don't litter here and take a couple pieces of other people's litter with you when you leave. Regardless, nature, the cave explorations, the short hiking paths, and the closeness to Istanbul (compared to Sile for example) makes this place a viable option for visit.

Personal Score: 6/10